A positive energy boost! Top 3 things to help you feel uplifted for 2021

A positive energy boost

We all need an energy boost from time to time, with the pandemic over our heads and big changes happening all around us, we need to remain focused. Below I have created 3 steps you can start today to help give you a positive outlook.

1. Create habits

Creating habits completes both physical and mental reserves. For example, taking a daily nap provides the dual benefit of no longer needing to decide about napping, plus the physical restorative gains. The same goes for daily habits of meditation, or scheduling regular walk with a friend to benefit from the energy-booster of laughter and fresh air.

Habits can start from any any age, most importantly if you have young children encourage them to start new habits with you. 5 minutes of deep breathing or stretches can go along way into adulthood.

When I was in primary school, I'd walk the longest path to my home, taking in everyone's front garden! This helped to destress the day and take in inspiration from how everyone put different efforts into making their front garden presentable. I still do this today!

2. Frame goals positively

Avoiding something takes more mental and physical energy than approaching it. So ‘reframe’ goals in the positive way. For example, instead of saying, ‘I can’t do fractions,’ try, ‘I can and I will, practice one step at a time.’

Even though we are indoors more and we will find it harder to go back to getting up for school or to the office, its okay to say: 'Just 5 more minutes for a snooze', instead of 'I cant get out of bed' This mind goal will help you start the day more positively.

3. Get in tune with your body and refuel your mind

Do you feel low mid-afternoon? Ask yourself questions. Did you skip breakfast or lunch? Why do you feel like a sugar hit? Perhaps it’s thirst, rather than your tendency for Hobnobs? Try having a glass of water, I know I don't have enough of them! So lets together set a goal for 2021, just 1 more glass of water everyday to fuel our body and minds.