Teen entrepreneur

Phoebe Cosgrove

Lockdown has had many challenges and many successful stories. Phoebe Cosgrove started her business from her living room.

Learning a new skill

The business journey of Phoebe Cosgrove began with a pug.

The 19-year-old dental nurse apprentice, who lives with her mum in Beckenham, Kent, feared for her job prospects when the first lockdown started. Then while on furlough she had an idea.

She began learning to sew, finding it a welcome distraction that was good for her mental health.

A friend asked her to stitch a cartoon picture of her beloved pug so that she could wear it as a badge of pride on her jumper.

Expanding her talent

When they saw the results, all her dog-loving friends wanted one too. Then the cat-lovers joined in.

Her friends were sticking the results on their socials and all of a sudden Phoebe had more orders than she could keep up with.

So she set up a business called Pretty Paws By Phoebe.

Make it a future

Being a young entrepreneur, it's second nature to her to use social media to tell her story and find customers. She shows off her techniques in TikTok videos and blogs about her business journey on YouTube.

She was on the minimum wage as a dental nurse apprentice. She now makes on average £260 a week, though she made £800 in her busiest week. She says it never occurred to her to investigate universal credit.

Although she never saw herself as an entrepreneur, she is determined to see if she can make this pet-themed business her future.

Turning a negative into a positive

No matter what you're facing in your life right now, try stepping back to see what you can do with your time. How you can change the situation, you are in right now. Start by learning one new skill and letting it develop. Not only will it distract you from your challenges, but it will help bring out confidence and calmness.

Reach out to us, and we can help you find your hidden talent and even help you progress your ideas into reality, just like Phoebe.

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